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I don't know what to do with my life: 3 solutions regardless of your age

I don't know what to do with my life 3 solutions regardless of your


I don't know what to do with my life: 3 solutions regardless of your age

Whether you're 25, 40, or 50, not knowing what to do with your life is nothing exceptional. Many young people feel this way, and when you find yourself in this situation after a certain age, you often end up feeling guilty. And this is true regardless of one's personal fortune because even some millionaires are bored to death ...

Why don't you know what to do, even though you have the impression that you see all your relatives already "tidy", inserted in the active life?

Your problem is not uncommon, many adults feel this way: this questioning is not a concern of motivation or maturity, put it into perspective! After having put this period of doubt into perspective, here are 3 solutions to come out of it stronger, with a better idea of what you will finally be able to do with your daily life.

1. Get out of your comfort zone

This feeling of weariness with your routine can come from the fact that things keep repeating themselves and seem monotonous to you, because you no longer face any challenges on a daily basis, that you are simply "doing your job".

Even though it may seem scary at first, try to leave your comfort zone, try new activities you don't know about, right from home for example. Dare to do tasks that you don't master as well as the ones you do every day.

At work, you can leave your comfort zone by trying to do something you don't normally do, challenging yourself slightly beyond your skills. These initiatives will stimulate you and allow you to feel more fulfilled, especially if you succeed in tasks you thought you were incapable of doing. Take the time to talk with other employees in your company, to discover their way of seeing things and perhaps broaden your horizon.

Concretely, you can get out of your comfort zone in different ways. If you can, travel, go abroad, meet people you don't usually meet. This immersion in another culture can give you ideas and make you feel new desires. If you decide to return to France, you may have a better idea of what you want to do with your daily life, having discovered other ways of doing things elsewhere.

2. Build on your talents and passions

It is often said that if you do something you love every day, you never have to go to work. To have the chance to feel this, ask yourself the following question: what are your passions? What does one like most regarding your daily life? If your tastes and your natural aptitudes can allow you to carry out a professional activity in its own right, don't hesitate any longer and take the plunge.

For example, if you particularly appreciate music or computers, have a very good level and want to pass this on, train yourself and give yourself the opportunity to give home or private lessons. If you love communication and social networks, become a blogger, influencer, or why not a community manager.

Sometimes, a natural talent doesn't allow you to make it a profession in itself. This does not mean that you are condemned to keep the same job that does not suit you all your life. It may be enough to start a professional reconversion process, to follow a training course and to find the opportunities to succeed...

The challenge seems complicated, but it would be a shame not to attempt an approach that offers you total professional fulfillment.

3. Seek advice and don't go it alone

This period of doubt can be very difficult for you. So that it does not harm you too much, know how to surround yourself with qualified and caring people.

For example, don't forget that at any time in your career, you have the opportunity to do a skills assessment. This will not serve you as a blueprint for your retraining, but it will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can develop an effective strategy to finally find YOUR business.

When you have named the profession that really thrills you, as far as possible, do not launch out on your own. Even people who manage their own blog or YouTube channel are trained and generally helped by other people in the shadows: a trainer to teach you the basics, a web developer to create your site, an administrative assistant for your accounting procedures... Ask for the trades you need to approach this new turning point in your life with serenity.

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