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The Trick is to Seize The Moment

The Trick is to Seize The Moment -

The Trick is to Seize The Moment

When you are down and depressed and days feel like a burden to live, you tend to think that that is all there is to life. When you are on the ninth cloud and everything seems bright and promising, you feel that it is going to last forever. But nothing lasts forever. The moment comes and your life is changed again. 

 These ups and downs of life, this roller coaster ride is what Life is. I have come to accept this fact and embrace it. It wasn't easy. I remember when I couldn't work on my business full time (for the 2nd time) back in 2007, I became very despondent and depressed. All I wanted to do was wallow in my misery. 

 When you are happy you let that happiness fill your soul and when you are filled with sorrow, you feel the emotion, BUT you cannot allow it to sap your energy and paralyze you. 

 I call this PARKING. This inactive, negative state will slow your personal and business goals. 

 The trick is to seize the moment. And how can you do so? By simply remembering and drilling this thought in your mind that nothing lasts forever. It is the one thought which has the capability to help you get through any "negative" event in your life. 

 I carry on fulfilling the daily, small goals that need to be done in order to fulfill my BIG DREAM, regardless of the way I feel at that particular moment. I try to inspire myself and stay positive as this state of giving me the energy to do the things I have to do. 

 Yes, I seize the moment. If it is a "bad" moment, like a few days ago when I had to change the car's tire in the cold wind and rain, I summons my positive attitude and say to will soon pass. I make the choice to stay happy at the moment. I seize the moment. 

 I know this is easier said than done because you cannot compare a flat tire with the loss of a friendship, soul partner or a business, BUT if one allows any circumstance in your life to make you PARK and not get moving on your goals then you are missing out and could risk giving up on your BIG DREAM or purpose in life. This is truly sad. 

 Good and bad events are all part of Life. We have to live life on Life's terms. 

The disappointment gives way to happiness and the joys lead to sorrows. Just like the night gives birth to the day and the setting sun brings with it the darkness of the night. This interaction among light and darkness is what existence is all approximately. Let's accept it and embrace each day. Yes, let's seize the moment now and do right now what we have been procrastinating to do all day.

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