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Do affiliate websites really make money?

Do affiliate websites really make money? -

Do affiliate websites really make money? 


However, there are  common setbacks that hold loads of people from earning their truthful percentage (if whatever at all!)

1. Building the site itself, and...2. Riding focused site visitors to the gives...

That will help you avoid these two problems, under I have blanketed a few thoughts you could use to get started as quickly as possible.

But, first element's first!

How To Quickly Get An Affiliate Website Up-and-Running

One of the most popular platforms for developing many different kinds of websites, which we've mentioned before, is WordPress.

However, there is still the need to either build everything yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

For that reason, I decided to help  10 people, by creating their website all you need is :

       1) A domain name  pick  it here 

        2) A hosting plan from here

Everything came to set up for you, so you didn't have to worry about spending hours figuring things out on your own.

There are several other things I've loved about the program, which you can check out at your leisure on my Empower Network review post...

For now, let's get to the good stuff!

"How do you actually make cash with  Affiliate Websites?"

The "secret" ingredient?

Traffic, traffic, and traffic...

For the rest of this post, let's look at a few ways you can generate traffic and make money with affiliate sites you've created:

Traffic Source #1 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Organic Traffic

It might not be the fastest method, but proper SEO will the foundation for your affiliate website to start making money.

Doing your keyword research and building quality links back to your site are the two basic things to consider for getting yourself ranked naturally in the search engines, you will be able to generate organic (free) traffic to your sites.

Traffic Source #2 - Article Marketing

Another solid way to generate traffic and interest in your sites is to write quality content and submit articles to major article directories.

In fact, speaking of SEO and backlinks (tip 1), article directories get a lot of "respect" from search engines, due to the constant supply of new content.

Therefore, article directories are also great places to create backlinks.

(Constant, fresh content generated by users is also why blogs on The Empower Network get a lot of love from the search engines, too...)

At the end of each article, you can place resource links in what's known as a "bio box" or "author box". Naturally, those will link back to your site!

The biggest thing to make this method successful is to write QUALITY content...

Traffic Source #3 - Link Exchanges

Can affiliate websites make money on their own? Sure...

But partnering up with others within your niche is an ideal way to kick-start your traffic.

Link exchanges are a "reciprocal" form of traffic generation.

As the name implies, you're exchanging links with each other and hosting them on your own respective sites.

The main thing about link exchanges, is to make sure that you're partnering with people whose sites are related to yours.

That's pretty obvious, but some people have assumed in the past that they can just build a whole bunch of links wherever they can.

But, building links is more about QUALITY than it is QUANTITY.

Keep that in mind, too!

One Final Thought About Making Money With Affiliate Websites

We just touched on this above, but it deserves its own spot.

At the end of the day, if the traffic you're sending to your site isn't targeted, it's going to produce very poor results.


While planning your traffic-generation strategy, be sure you know who you're ultimately trying to reach.

Knowing your target market will help to also give you some specific resources to tap for traffic.

For more great content about affiliate marketing and blogging, be sure to check out my other related posts.

If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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