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Women and Money: 3 Scary Stats To Avoid

Women and Money: 3 Scary Stats To Avoid

Women and Money: 3 Scary Stats To Avoid

>>> 68% of Women over 65 are divorced

>>> 66% of Women over 35 will find themselves in poverty when they retire

>>> 40% of Women spend retirement alone

Very, very scary. Most women will look at these statistics and think, that's not going to be me! Then go right ahead and plan the next girlfriend's lunch or dinner date without looking at the checkbook, the credit card balance, or the savings account balance. There is very little thought of how to ensure you do not find yourself included in the above statistics. So random incessant spending will continue without thought of the consequences, down the road, looking through the long lens. These statistical groupings are placing women in poverty every day, and few know what to do about it.

What can be done? Any number of actions can change these statistics and the quality of life for all women. Ask any woman and I'll bet none of them would choose any of these girlfriend groups! Talking to girlfriends is one of the first (best) things that can be done to change the destiny of their girlfriends and which statistical group they may find themselves in. Girlfriends are a powerful group. Women will share with girlfriends they have now and the ones they have not yet been fortunate enough to meet yet.

Women are smart and sassy. They also bond together when one of their sisters is in trouble. By opening this dialogue you may find that those closest to you, may not know the facts you now know. They may not know what to do about it either. Women share information freely and impress upon their friends what no man can. Women are naturally caregivers. This sharing with each other is at the heart of women's caregiving.

Planning will cause you to place yourself in situations where you won't be a statistic, part of a scary stat. How you ask? Join a class, visit a networking group, try Toastmasters, and speak with a financial planner. Some of the best are women. Classes can be found in so many places, ask at the library. The internet has more than a few suggestions. Networking groups are in every city, every day of the week, almost hours of the day. You may learn more than just about finances. The very person you need for the best possible information will be sent to you. As long as learning takes place and actions are taken to change the numbers, both in the financial arena and then the stats, women don't have to find themselves in poverty.

Invest in the knowledge and wisdom of wealth. We have heard that knowledge is power. For women, learning new vocabulary, words like monetizing will bring you power and wealth. Learn now how to eliminate debt forever. Your today purchase can change the purchasing power you have in the future. Wouldn't it be awesome to know how? Search until you find a program that will help you understand. There are a few on the internet, most may work, but one can be used over and over. What do you have to do to acquire enough wealth for your future? Figure out how to share your prosperity and set some aside for those you love. It will come back to you multiplied more than you know.

Girlfriend road trips are the best!! Memories forever! This is one road trip all the girlfriends cannot miss. This incredible ride could save them more than just the cost of gas. Investing in yourself will prove to bring an increase to every aspect of your life. Finding wisdom about money can keep all women from becoming a scary statistic. Within the wealth side of these statistics lies comfort, ease, pampering, and peace. Being on the wealth side of the numbers means you can read the menu form the left to the right when out with your rich, wealthy, girlfriends, just like they do. You will be so glad you did, sooner rather than later.

Healthy Habit: Healthy food has more comfort than unhealthy food when we change our perspective. Antioxidants are essential for reducing/reversing the signs of aging which are composed of 80% sun damage. Antioxidants are good for the inside and the outside of the body.
Quote From the Tote: "You know the bank I used to cry all the way to? I bought it." Liberace

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