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Top Money Saving Tips For Daters

Top Money Saving Tips For Daters

 Top Money Saving Tips For Daters


Dating used to be exclusively expensive for men. Like, seriously expensive. You had to pay for gas for your car, you had to buy the girl dinner, you had to pay admission to go dancing and that's just a few hours into one date. These days, with many women paying for men's dates and with Dutch dating becoming more common, dating has become expensive for both sexes. How do you save more money while you're out looking for love? The following seven tips should help prove that dating doesn't have to be so expensive after all.

Gas Prices:

 It may sound like more work than it's worth, but it may pay to look around your city for cheaper gas prices. Especially if you know that you're going to be going on a bunch of dates and driving all over creation, you'll save more than a few dollars by finding the cheap gas stations near your home or office.

Shop For Restaurant Deals:

 Keep an eye out in your local newspaper, on TV, or online for local restaurant specials and deals. This also applies to coffee houses, which are popular date settings. You don't have to let the person know you're trying to save money.  that you most really are. And more power to you.

Clip Coupons: 

You can usually find a restaurant and other deals in direct mailer packages and in your local newspaper. Clip these out and save money on some of the dates you go on. You can even give the waiter the coupon very early on (while your date is in the restroom) so that your date never sees it.


Online coupon deals offer half or more off your favorite local restaurants and services. Keep these in mind when you're planning your next date. You might find something new and exciting to do, like horseback riding, and you can save money doing it.

Picnics And Parks: 

Having a picnic at a park or merely taking a walk through the park has to be one of the best ideas for a date if you're trying to save money. It costs little money to buy the food at the grocery store, make up a couple of sandwiches, set up a bottle of wine and you're all set. Picnics and parks involve the two of you, nature, and fresh air, which all can contribute to the terrific dating experience.

Free Local Events: 

Keep an eye out for local events like fairs and wine tastings in your area. Even if you have to pay admission, it's likely that admission for two is still less than dinner and a movie would be. Your local newspaper usually announces upcoming local events. This is a great way to come up with some creative date ideas while saving some scratch.

Cooking and Eating In:

 Again, the grocery store is far cheaper than a restaurant. Plus, when you cook and dine in with your potential match, it becomes a much more intimate affair. Dinner in your own dining room, or theirs, will bring the two of you closer. It's far different than trying to get close in a dining room full of strangers on a Friday or Saturday night and it's much healthier, too, in most cases.

These ideas will help you plan more creative dates and you'll save more money in the process.

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